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You have a right to reject Jesus of Nazareth. But reject Him after knowing who he was. Make an informed choice. That’s the smart thing to do. Study his claims and his life. There was never a man like Him in history. Your response to Jesus and His claims is the most significant decision you will ever make.

All Ideas Are Not Born Equal

What’s the greatest lie you’ve been told? “All ideas are equal; all paths lead to the same destination.”

The Incomparable Christ

More than 1900 years ago there was a man born contrary to the laws of life. This man lived in poverty and was reared in obscurity. He received no formal education and never possessed wealth or widespread influence. He never traveled extensively. He only once crossed the boundary of the country in which He lived. But this man’s life has changed the course of history.

The Heart of Man: Conversion Demystified

“Conversion” is not what someone else does to you. True conversion is a change of heart and a change of one’s ways. It is brought about by a divine conviction of sin, leading one to repentance, and to the Savior Jesus Christ.

Eyewitness accounts

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Find out why people take the extraordinary step of following Jesus Christ even though they may get ostracized by their family, community, and even by colleagues. Plug in your earphones and watch these videos.




Discipleship Resources!


1. Discipleship 101 - The Call To Follow Jesus

Come. Learn. Rest.

Jesus did not call you to become a mere ‘believer’ or a ‘worshipper.’ He wants you to follow Him along a path of obedience. ‘Learning to obey’ is indispensable.

2. Discipleship 101 - HOLY BIBLE

The Holy Bible - An Introduction

The Bible is a library of sixty-six books written over a period of over a 1000 years by men who were inspired by God. The first section consisting of thirty-nine books were written prior to the birth of Christ and are collectively known as The Hebrew Bible. The Jews regarded these books as their holy scriptures. To this collection of divinely inspired writings were added twenty-seven books written after the birth of Christ, in the first century AD. This latter set of books is known as the New Testament.

Online Bibles and Resources

Read or listen to online Bibles in prominent languages; explore Bible apps for Android phones and iPhones; access online daily devotionals; commentaries, maps, concordances, and other resources.

Understanding the Bible

How can we apply the teachings of the Bible in our life without understanding what we read? Here’s a lifeline to those who are new (and not so new!) to the Holy Bible.

3. Discipleship 101 - SALVATION

A Christian Understanding Of Salvation

“Salvation” refers to God’s act of saving us from our sins. The Son of God was called Jesus because He would save His people from their sins. The name means, ‘God is our Salvation.’ Therefore, we refer to Jesus as the Saviour of the World.

Christian understanding of salvation is different from what other religions or traditions mean by the same term.

Assurance of Salvation

Those who put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation, and make His death and resurrection their own – through Christian water baptism – set out on a long journey called the Christian life or the Christian pilgrimage. It is natural for new Christians to have doubts about their status in Christ, about the Bible, about practices in the Church, etc.

Your First Steps in Christ

A great start can make all the difference to a long journey. To help you make good progress in your spiritual life, let us take you through the most significant things you should do after making the all-important decision to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

What does it mean to be ‘born-again’?

What does it mean to be “born-again” or “born-anew”? Most evangelicals will tell you that you were born-again the moment you “invited Jesus into your heart.” They will point out the spiritual experience accompanying such moments of “conversion” as evidence of God’s work in your heart. Is “experience” the test of all truth? What did Jesus actually mean when He said to Nicodemus, “You must be born again?”

“Once ‘Saved,’ Always Saved?”

Why is Exodus the best illustration for understanding the nature of Christian salvation? What lessons can we learn from it? Will people’s claim – “Once saved, always saved” – hold any water if held against this divinely appointed illustration? What does the word “saved” imply? Why should we persevere along the narrow path after we have entered the narrow gate?

The ‘Tulip’ has wilted!

John Calvin and his followers espouse a “Reformed” view of Christian salvation, aka Calvinism. They emphasize God’s sovereignty at the expense of God-given human free-will. The main points of their teaching is popularly known by the acronym ‘TULIP.’ You can either follow Calvinism or believe in John 3:16.

‘Saved?’ From What?

“Are you saved?” I asked Aby, a friend at school. I was in my early teens, determined to share the gospel with my schoolmates. I will never forget the response I received.

“Saved? From what? I never fell into a well or anything.”

4. Sanctification

Sanctification: The Narrow Path To Eternal Life

You chose the small, narrow door. But are you walking the narrow path that leads to eternal life?

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. – Jesus Christ. (Matthew 5:13-14)

‘Be Holy Just As I Am Holy’

The Church, by definition, is a people “called out” and separated for God. God’s people are called to be holy. What does it mean to live a holy life?

“Pursue peace with everyone, and holiness, for without it no one will see the Lord.” (Hebrews 12:14)

Dimensions of Spiritual Growth

What does it mean to “grow” spiritually? How do I know whether I am growing? As thousands turn to Jesus Christ worldwide, true discipleship is the need of the hour. We need to unpack biblical metaphors to help each Christian understand vital spiritual principles.

5. Discipleship 101 - EVANGELISM

Evangelism: Lessons from Biblical Imagery

The Bible uses picture-language or imagery to let a wide variety of concepts come alive in our minds. Evangelism is no exception. Writers of biblical books, especially the New Testament use several images to teach us important principles of evangelism.

Oikos Evangelism

Discover the most effective way of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and to bear lasting fruit for the Kingdom of God. The early church made full use of the strongest of human ties to lead fellowmen to God.

The Person of Peace

There are times when we have to venture out to a new community or a town to share the Good News. If we are led by the Holy Spirit, He will take us to the right people, the very ones God has prepared to receive the gospel. In every community, there are such “persons of peace.”






John’s Prologue - The Key to the Fourth Gospel

The first eighteen verses of John’s Gospel form a prism through which we get a unique glimpse of the book. Understanding this Prologue is vital to understanding the whole book. This book – written for people with no theological background – will help you to understand the message of the Fourth Gospel in its context.

Christian Generosity

Christian Generosity is based on the radical teachings of Jesus Christ and the New Testament. Christians and Churches that still promote the “doctrine” of Tithing are missing out on the glories of Christian Giving. Stop tithing! Don’t let anyone take you on a guilt trip on accounts of tithes. Switch to Christian Giving.

Arise And Eat - Christian Devotional Readings

A collection of Christian devotional readings based on the Holy Bible—for your encouragement and spiritual edification. You can read this eBook in your browser for free. Please remember to share the link with friends.

Imago Dei and the Uniqueness of Man

What does it mean when Christians say that man was created in the image of God? What are its implications for us? How is man different from animals and other life forms? Was both Adam and Eve made in the image of God? Is there any biblical basis for male headship in family and male leadership in the Church? “Imago Dei and the Uniqueness of Man” seeks to answer these questions through a thorough examination of Biblical teaching and by drawing upon relevant scholarship.

Some Have Babies; Others, Regrets!

Some Have Babies; Others, Regrets! examines the relevance of the creation mandate for human beings to multiply and fill the earth in today’s world. It evaluates popular notions about the world being over-populated in the light of available scientific evidence. This well-researched book was part of Philip’s research project in Eco-theology.






Are You Preaching Another Gospel?

The Church is the new humanity that Christ created — a “new humanity in place of the two.” This truth is central to the Gospel.

The Messiah’s Heavenly Kingdom and Israel’s Restoration

What is the significance of the events that happened on the Day of Pentecost? Did you know that Messianic prophecies in Ezekiel 37 were fulfilled on that day?

The ‘Promised Land’: A Comparison of Dispensationalist View and a Modern View

Christian Zionism is based on a Dispensationalist approach to biblical interpretation. What do Christian Zionists believe? How do their views measure up in comparison with a more modern view? What did Jesus and the writers of the New Testament think about Jerusalem, Herod’s Temple, and the “Promised Land?”

The ‘Promised Land’: A Christian Perspective

A Christian theological reflection: In 1948, what was it that the Jews needed the most? A homeland? Or, were they in need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through whom they could inherit Abraham’s promises?

The Father Seeks True Worshippers

What did Jesus mean when he said that true worship is “worship in spirit and in truth?” Was Jesus asking his followers to “worship in other tongues?”

Service: The Essence of Leadership

The Lord Jesus introduced the concept of Servant Leadership to the world. Selfless service defines a leader. It is the essence of true greatness.

The KJV: A Time To Celebrate; A Time To Move On

In 2011, the Church celebrated the 400th anniversary of the release of the King James Bible. Many still value the KJV as the “authorized” version of the Bible. I believe it is high time Christians stop romanticising the KJV and to go beyond this classic version.

Churches That Abuse

Does your leader ill-treat Church members in the guise of promoting spirituality? If you find any of the signs of abusive churches mentioned here in your church, it’s time you rescued yourself from such an atmosphere! A Summary of Enroth’s book, Churches That Abuse.

Kerala Pentecostals’ Ban on Jewellery: A Critical Examination

It’s a recognized fact that most Brethren and Pentecostal Churches of Kerala origin deny water baptism and the Eucharist to fellow Christians who wear jewellery. Why doesn’t a discussion on the ban yield any positive result? Read this critical examination of the ban.

The Evangelical “Pot” calling the Camping “Kettle” Black!

Evangelicals overlook Jesus’ clear teachings regarding His “Second Coming” just as Harold Camping ignored Jesus’ warning against predicting the date and time of His “appearance.”

“Do This In Remembrance Of Me”

“Do this in remembrance of me,” said the Lord Jesus. What does ‘this’ refer to? What did Jesus mean? How must we remember Him? Did Jesus establish the Eucharist or Communion service?

The Sexes: Equality, Hierarchy, And Peace

Are men and women “equal”? Are they different? Why causes conflict between men and women? Were “male headship” and patriarchy clever human inventions? How can there be peace between the sexes?

No Takers For Sarah’s Example?

Should a wife obey her husband? Christians are divided on this issue. What if the husband asks the wife to commit a sin? Didn’t God create them equal? Aren’t they supposed to be submit to each other?


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