1. Arise And Eat! Devotional Readings
  2. Christian Generosity
  3. John's Prologue
  4. Imago Dei and the Uniqueness of Man
  5. Leading God's People in Christian Worship
  6. Some Have Babies; Others, Regrets
  7. The High Caste Hindu Woman
  8. Pandita Ramabai: The Story of Her Life
  9. Christ Came Again - W. S. Urmy

1. Arise And Eat (Christian Devotional Readings, 2020)

“Arise and eat! You have a long way to go!” said an angel to prophet Elijah who was discouraged and fearful. It was a heavenly meal that strengthened Elijah and gave him the will to live and fulfill God's purposes.

As Christians, we need God’s encouragement and comfort as we traverse life’s wilderness road. With the comfort that God comforts us, we comfort one another.

This book brings to you over 120 Bible-based, exegetically sound Christian devotional readings, based on the Holy Bible. Each devotional is based on a scripture passage. Each passage is interpreted in context.

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2. Christian Generosity (2018)

Christian Generosity is based on the radical teachings of Jesus Christ and of the New Testament. Christians and Churches that still promote the “doctrine” of tithing are missing out on the glory of Christian Giving. Stop tithing! Don’t let anyone take you on a guilt-trip on account of tithing. Switch to Christian Giving.

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3. John’s Prologue: The Key To The Fourth Gospel (2020)

Who was Jesus? Was he the Messiah? What was his mission? Was he divine? Was he human?

Who are God's people? Ethnic Jews? Or, The followers of Jesus? What does it mean to be children of God?

These questions lead us to the central message of John's Gospel. The Prologue to John's Gospel - the first eighteen verses - offers us a key to understanding the entire book. The prologue form a prism through which we get a unique glimpse of the book. This insightful book is accessible to all Christians, including those with little theological background. It will help you to discover the Gospel like never before.

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4. Imago Dei and the Uniqueness of Man (2014, 2021)

What does it mean when Christians say that man was created in the image of God? How is man different from animals and other life forms? Were both Adam and Eve made in the image of God? Is there any biblical basis for male headship in family and male leadership in the Church? “Imago Dei and the Uniqueness of Man” seeks to answer these questions through a thorough examination of Biblical teaching and by drawing upon relevant scholarship.

The Western Church got the definition of “image of God” wrong because they overlooked the traditional Jewish understanding of the phrase. This is why Christians in the West cannot handle the words of Paul, a former rabbi, in 1 Cor 11:7. The book challenges the traditional Western understanding. Even when they cannot refute the book’s argument, they tend to raise red flags. But even critics who disagree with the author’s viewpoint praise the in-depth study that has gone into this book

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5. Leading God’s People in Christian Worship (2023)

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6. Some Have Babies; Others, Regrets (2012)

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7. The High Caste Hindu Woman
by Pandita Ramabai, AD 1887
(The first book written in English by an Indian woman)

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8. Pandita Ramabai: The Story of her Life
by Helen S. Dyer, AD 1900

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9. Christ Came Again
by William S. Urmy, AD 1900

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