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Philip P. Eapen

Online Bibles and Resources

Read or listen to online Bibles in prominent languages; explore Bible apps for Android phones and iPhones; access online daily devotionals; commentaries, maps, concordances, and other resources.



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Online Bibles


Mobile Devices Applications


Online Study Bibles

A Study Bible has plenty of extra resources such as footnotes, cross-references to other Bible passages with a related theme, maps, explanatory notes, et cetera.


Bible Study Resources

Daily Devotional Readings

Choose one of these devotional books that you may read daily to supplement your Bible reading and study. Each devotional book given below has its own purpose and flavor. Feel free to explore and choose one that is most suited to your needs.



Bible/Theological dictionaries are some of the most useful resources. In each dictionary, topics or words are arranged alphabetically. Click on the link to each alphabet to get a list of words under that alphabet.


Maps of Bible Lands

It is useful to locate the towns, regions, rivers, seas and other geographical features that you read about in the Bible. It will help us understand the language of the Bible and appreciate the journeys undertaken by our Patriarchs, Jesus and the apostles.




Bible Commentaries


Online Libraries


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About the author

Philip Eapen, an environmental scientist by training, devoted his life to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ ever since he realized that the world needs Jesus Christ more than anyone or anything else. Apart from sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, Philip teaches Christians in order to equip them for service. He is supported by donations from readers. Philip is married to Dr. Jessimol and they are blessed with three sons and a daughter.

Date: June 5, 2022




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