Website Development

Before you place an order for a website, we need to discuss your new website.  Please read detailed description below. The total cost of setting up a website depends on the size of your site and the services you choose.


The development of a website is a collection of several services.

  • Purchase of a Domain Name (a name/address for your website) from a vendor
  • Purchase of hosting space (a space on a remote server where your website will live)
  • Setting up the link between your Domain Name and your website
  • Email Setup
  • Installation of a Content Management System (if a CMS is to be used)
  • Construction of Web Pages (includes coding, selection and/or creation of relevant high quality images; writing of web content)
  • Search Engine Optimization (optional but highly recommended)
  • E-commerce integration (optional but necessary if you intend to sell online)
  • Payment Gateway integration (optional)
  • Testing of website
  • Regular maintenance and backup

Check the cost of these services. Ready to place an order? Contact us.

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