Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. However, we cannot recover the time and money spent on projects after a customer cancels an order or rejects draft designs.

Please read the fine print of each kind of work before placing an order. In case clients are dissatisfied, they have the liberty to cancel their order(s) and request a refund. Call Philip Eapen or email him for cancellation of orders.

Our policy for the cancellation and refund depends on the type of service clients order. Please read more about these services and their respective cancellation/refund policy.

Content Services

Customers have to pay in advance the full fees related to content writing, proof-reading, and editorial work when they place an order or submit an draft copy. We will not refund this amount at any cost.

Graphic Design

ADVANCE PAYMENT: We get to work as soon as a customer confirms an order by paying 50% of the total estimated fees. We are unable to refund the fees paid as advance – usually 50% of the total fees – towards any kind of graphic design work (design of logos, banners, book covers, business cards, invitation cards, posters, etc.) once the work has commenced or after we deliver our draft designs.

We will consider an order cancelled if a customer rejects draft designs (usually three variants) we created. If we must produce more draft designs, we will consider it as a fresh order that demands a fresh advance payment of fifty percent of the estimated costs.

FOR FULL REFUND of money paid in advance, clients must cancel orders within 24 hours. We will refund the advance paid minus bank or other transaction charges. We will process all refund requests within 7 business days.

Website Development

ADVANCE PAYMENT: Customers who place an order for a web domain name or for the construction of a website or an part thereof are require to pay 50% of the total fees in advance. Clients must pay the other half after the completion of the work.

THIRD PARTY FEES: In addition, customers must pay in advance the actual amount of money that is to be spent on procuring a domain name, hosting services, SSL certificates, web templates, plugins, fonts, photographs, designs, and other software components/licenses obtained from third party vendors. We cannot refund money spent on such resources.


  • If a client cancels an order before the purchase of these third party resources, we will refund the money paid towards meeting such expenses after deducting any bank transaction charges.
  • We shall refund the fee paid in advance towards website development only if the order is cancellation within 72 hours.

Courses on Moodle Platform

Learners who purchase courses on the Moodle LMS platform hosted on Refineria site have to make 100% fee payment at the outset. Learners are welcome to request a cancellation of their order and ask for a full refund if BOTH these conditions are met:

  1. The learner has completed less than twenty percent of the lessons in the course.
  2. The learner requests for a refund within one month of registration of the learner for the course.

Refund Policy

We will make refunds to the original bank account, credit card or UPI Payment ID that made the payment. In case of payment gateway, we will refund to the original account that made the payment.