On-line Content Editing

1,000.00 + GST as applicable*

Get your website a facelift for maximum impact. We edit and perfect online content.   Read detailed description.


Your website, with its global reach, has unlimited potential. The technological advantage brings with it a set of unforeseen challenges too.  Linguistic and cultural barriers are for real. What’s acceptable in one part of the world might be offensive in another region.  With our expertise in copy editing and cross-cultural communication, we can ensure that your on-line content is error-free, relevant, and appropriate.

You may send us the address of your website after making an advance payment of the full amount based on the number of pages that needs to be edited. Price cited is fee we charge for editing a single web page that has up to a thousand words. Minimum order: Rs. 3000.

Our Cancellation and Refund Policy.


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