Philip P. Eapen


Philip Eapen is a Bible teacher based in Kochi, in Kerala, India. He was trained in Environmental Studies, Computer Systems Management, and as a Professional Mediator. Since 1994, he served the Lord Jesus Christ in various places in India and Kenya as a campus evangelist, pastor, editor, lecturer in Theology, teacher, and a missionary.

Philip is married to Dr Jessimol and they are blessed with three sons – James, Jonathan, Joel – and a daughter, Christina.

Apart from teaching, preaching, and writing, Philip equips Christians to study the Bible for themselves through Inductive Study method. He has also spoken in seminars and workshops on Inductive Bible Study, Marriage and Family Life, Pre-Marital Counseling, parenting, and on various ethical/social issues. His ministry is supported by voluntary donations from friends.

Philip is the author of

You can follow him on Twitter: @ppeapen.