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Term Plans offer pure insurance. This is the primary safety net you should secure. Get it early. Get it cheap. You pay your premium on time. Your life stays insured. You and your family enjoy peace of mind.


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Why Term Insurance?

The purpose of term insurance is to ensure the protection of your family during the productive phase of your life. (The minimum age of entry is 18 years.) While you earn to provide for your family, your life should be insured. If you are, God forbid, taken away through an untimely death, your family must be financially secure.

For less than the cost of a low-range mobile phone, a young adult can purchase a term insurance for a Sum Assured commensurate with their income. They can choose a policy term of up to 40 years. Most young people think of life insurance in their late twenties or early thirties after they get married. By then, their age will adversely affect the annual premium.

Ideally, the sum assured in a term insurance is 15 to 20 times your annual income. If your annual income is around Rs. 400,000, you should not find it difficult to get your life insured for Rs. 50 lakhs (5 million). Those who have a higher income can opt for a sum assured of 75 lakhs or 1 crore. The minimum sum assured is Rs. 25 lakhs (2.5 million).

HDFC Life Term Plans

  1. HDFC Life Click2Protect Life
  2. HDFC Life Click2Protect Super
  3. HDFC Life Click2Protect Elite

Click2Protect Life

A Term Plan that adjusts to your needs and protects your family against uncertainties

There are 3 plan options available with this product namely:

  1. Life Protect Option: This option gives basic protection for your family and provides Lump Sum amount (Life cover) in case of death during policy term. The Life cover remains constant throughout the policy term. Entry Age: 18-65 years.

  2. Life & Critical Illness Rebalance Option: A smart cover which aims to achieve a balance between Death and Critical Illness benefit as you go along in your life. Critical Illness cover increases at each Policy Anniversary with corresponding reduction in Life Cover. In addition, all future Premium(s) are waived off on detection of any of the covered Critical Illnesses and the life cover continues. Entry Age: 18-65 years.

  3. Income Plus Option: Under this plan option, the Life Assured is covered for the entire Policy Term and also receives a lump sum payout on maturity along with regular income starting from age 60. Entry Age: 30-50 years; or, 45-55 years depending on duration of policy and number of premiums paid.

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Click2Protect Super

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Click2Protect Elite

In all term plans, the sum assured will be approved by HDFC Life after considering your current income.

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