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What's the greatest lie you've been told? “All ideas are equal; all paths lead to the same destination.”

All people are equally valuable and precious. But, unfortunately, all ideas are not equally successful. All paths do not lead to the same destination—much less to God! All truth-claims cannot be true at the same time.

Ideas are like vectors. No two vectors are considered equal unless they are equal in magnitude and direction. Similarly, no two ideas or belief systems can be considered shades of the same truth unless they say the same thing (as interpreted by their respective framework)!

How can two opposing ideas be true at the same time in the same frame of reference? How can two gurus who teach differing doctrines be considered equally reliable? How can diverse and contradictory views on salvation be considered different paths to the same destination?

Are you man enough to critically examine your beliefs? Are you brave enough to take a tour of your neighbor’s beliefs?

The Choice Is Yours …
and Yours, the Consequences too!

Every human being has a right to make an informed choice about Jesus of Nazareth because there has never been a man like Him in history. Please make use of your right! Your response to Jesus and His claims is the most significant decision you will ever make. No one but you will bear the consequences of your choice. Whether you receive or reject Him, it should be after a careful consideration.