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We uphold the following values; we aim at instilling these in those entrusted to our care and in promoting these in the marketplace.

a. The Glory of God:

  • The promotion of the Glory of God and the honor of His church in the eyes of the world is our primary concern.
  • Interpersonal disputes between Christians are therefore best settled with the help of worthy Church leaders.
  • Integrity in moral, financial, legal, and related matters is vital.

b. The genetic unity of the human family:

  • All human beings belong to the family of Adam and Eve. We are one family.
  • It rules out any possibility for the accommodation of theories of human origin such as the theory of organic evolution or eastern theories of human origin that divide and stratify human beings.
  • It pulls the rug from beneath the promoters of racism and color based caste system. There is only one race: the human race.

c. Gender Differentiation

  • Gender Differentiation is divinely instituted and fundamental to human life.
  • This is expressed in heterosexual marriage and in differing yet complementary gender roles;
  • Homosexual practices do not have any place in God’s scheme of creation and are a sign of divine judgement. However, those who claim to have homosexual orientation deserves to be loved and cared for.

d. The Permanence and Sanctity of Monogamous Heterosexual Marriage.

  • Human beings were created and designed for monogamous heterosexual marriage that reflect God’s faithful relationship with His covenant people. Promiscuous tendencies stem from human sinfulness.
  • Marriage is the only divinely sanctioned arena for the expression and fulfillment of human sexuality.
  • Divorce and remarriage should be permitted only for those grounds that the Scriptures endorse.

e. The Sanctity of Life

  • God is the Giver of life and the only One who has authority to take it back.
  • God has prohibited homicide and has ruled that any human or animal who kills a man/woman should be awarded capital punishment by the state.
  • The weakest link between human generations is the unborn child, the killing of which constitutes murder in the sight of God.

f. Human Worth:

  • Every individual is valuable in the sight of God.
  • Every individual has an intrinsic worth that is greater than the worth of the whole world.
  • Every individual deserves to hear and understand the gospel in his or her language.
  • A community is not more important than an individual member of the community. An individual’s interests should not be over-ruled by any interest of a community.
  • No human being should be treated as a commodity. No human should be enslaved or exploited. No human should be violated or tortured or treated in a de-humanizing manner.
  • Every man and woman has a God-given inalienable right to exercise freedom of choice and expression.
  • The individual is sovereign. The sovereignty of the state is derived from the collective mandate given by individuals who constituted that state or subscribe to its constitution. A state that tramples the sovereignty of the individual sins against God and the individual.

g. The Goodness of Creation:

  • We value God’s creation and the intrinsic goodness which God saw in it.
  • This includes the human body which should be honored as temples of the Holy Spirit. Reasonable and adequate care should be taken for the upkeep of our bodies. Under no circumstance should the body be used for evil, sinful activities or be submitted to intoxication or hypnotism.

h. The Path of Non-violence:

  • Non-vindictiveness and forgiveness in interpersonal relationships in order to make way for Divine Judgment

i. The Dignity of Work

  • God has decreed labor for all and therefore remunerative work is honorable for all, including elders in a church. All Christians are to aspire to gain financial freedom through honest labor (1 Thess. 4:10b-12). It is the duty of every Christian man to provide for his family (1Tim 5:8).
  • The Bible does not command a church to financially support its elders or pastors. Elders are commanded to work and earn money to support themselves and to help others in need (Acts 20:35). Only those whose calling require frequent traveling for the purpose of preaching the gospel are permitted to abstain from other remunerative work (1 Cor. 9:1-14; 1 Tim 5:17-18; 3 John 5-8).

j. Sharing and Giving:

  • Christians are commanded to share their resources, time, and energy with fellow Christians (Acts 2:44-45; Romans 12:13a; Gal 6:6; 1 Tim 6:17-19; Hebrews 13:16) and with anyone in need (Gal 6:10). Christians are commanded to practice hospitality, especially to itinerant preachers (Romans 12:13b; Heb. 13:2; 1 Peter 4:9; 3 John 5-8)

k. A Life of Faith and the Uncertain Tomorrow:

  • God in His wisdom has hidden the future from mankind except where He chooses to reveal matters through His Holy Spirit. We trust in God and walk by faith. We reject every human tendency to predict the future through the occult, astrology or other related means.