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Spiritual and emotional preparation through strategic learning is vital for the task of evangelism. You may find the following resources useful.

Bible Studies

Disciple Making Movements


Video Resources: Life Transformation Groups

  1. Life Transformation Groups - A Short Introduction
  2. Life Transformation Groups can result in large-scale Disciple Making Movements. What is a DMM? Watch this!
  3. LTG - An Introduction
  4. LTG - An Overview
  5. LTG - How to get started
  6. LTG - A video that illustrates LTGs happening in various settings
  7. Salem Tabernacle's Promo Video on LTG -1
  8. Salem Tabernacle's Promo Video on LTG-2
  9. Jacob Richardson Real discipleship process creates disciple-makers says
  10. LTGs focus on God's new life in every believer. This "new man" inside us is destined to become like Jesus. We have "put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator."(Col 3:10). LTGs tap into this DNA of a believer instead of trying to change a believer from the outside, explains best-selling author Neil Cole.

Video Resources: Disciple Making Movements

  1. ACT BEYOND introduces Disciple Making Movements that grow exponentially using small groups that they call "Discovery Groups". LTGs too are similar in operation but smaller in size. Watch now!
  2. Watch David Garrison introduce his book "A Wind in the House of Islam." For the first time in history, there is an unprecedented movement of Muslims from their world to the Kingdom Christ.
  3. Watch rare video clips on the Underground Church in China that grew without access to Bible and without any real freedom to gather or worship.

Web Sites: Disciple Making Movements

  1. RoyMoran.com
  2. Cityteam.org
  3. AccelerateTeams.org
  4. DiscipleKC.org
  5. MakeDisciples.net
  6. Beyond.org

Case Studies

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