God’s Salvation; Your Pilgrimage


Your First Steps

First things first! A great start can make all the difference to a long journey. Read about the most significant things you should do after making the all-important decision to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

Testimonies: Watch Videos

It’s a great idea to listen to the stories of people, who, like you, gave their lives to Christ. Watch video clips on those who met Christ from various religious backgrounds.

Salvation: Biblical Concepts

If you are wondering what words such as “justified” or “saved” or “salvation” actually mean or, how Jesus’ death and resurrection can actually save us from our sins, you are welcome to go through our simplified and detailed lesson on Christian salvation before you proceed any further.

How Can You Be “Born-Again”?

What does it mean to be born-again or born-anew? Most evangelicals will tell you that you were born-again the moment you invited Jesus into your heart. They will point out the spiritual experience accompanying such moments of “conversion” as evidence of God’s work in your heart. What did Jesus actually mean when He said to Nicodemus, “You must be born again?” READ now.

Assurance Of Salvation

If you repented of your sins and trusted Jesus Christ to save you from your sins, you can be assured that God has forgiven you and has given you a clean record. In other words, you have been justified and declared righteous by God. You are a citizen of heaven and you have just started your long pilgrimage towards God’s heavenly kingdom where you will spend eternity with all God’s people. Read this to know more about how you can be assured of God’s salvation.

“Once ‘Saved,’ Always Saved?”

Why is Exodus the best illustration for understanding the nature of Christian salvation? What lessons can we learn from it? Will people’s claim – “Once saved, always saved” – hold any water if held against this divinely appointed illustration? What does the word saved imply? Why should we persevere along the narrow path after we have entered the narrow gate? Read this study to know more and find answers to these questions.