Testimony Videos

Countless millions have experienced Jesus in their lives. Listen to their stories. Why did they choose Jesus and His Way?


Dr. Nabeel Qureshi


Al Fazi, a former Wahabbi


Pastor Mohammad


Fathima, Singapore


Fathima, Iran


Padina and Mother, Iran (Arabic with subtitles)


Rahil Patel, Former Swaminarayan Priest


Ram Gidoomal, Businessman


Cdr Ashok VM Kumar (Retd)


Capt Govindra Singh


Preeti Krishnan, Entrepreneur


Anand Mahadevan, Journalist


Krish Dhanam, CEO - Skylife Success


Anand Pillai, Leadership Coach


Maya A., Leadership Trainer


Dr. Rajkumar Ramachandran


Vani Marshall


Dr. Sarma Velamuri


Johnny Lever, Comedian, Bollywood


Nagma, Actor, Bollywood


Benny Prasad, Musician, Inventor
Played in 245 nations in record time


More Than Dreams

Documentaries based on true stories

1. Muhammad, Nigeria


2. Khalil, Egypt


3. Dini, Indonesia


4. Ali, Turkey



Audio Testimonies

Muhamma Chandran (Malayalam)

Chandran was a notorious thief who specialized in stealing idols from temples. He was a nuisance to society and to law-enforcement officials. What changed his life? പോലീസിനും നാട്ടുകാർക്കു തലവേദനയായിരുന്ന മുഹമ്മ ചന്ദ്രനെ ദൈവം രൂപാന്തരപ്പെടുത്തിയ കഥ കേൾക്കു!


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Found by Love

The autobiography of Rahil Patel

— the high-profile London-based Hindu Swaminarayan priest whose life was transformed through an encounter with the Lord Jesus!